CPYO Asian Tour 2013 – Beijing

By KyungMin Kim  -  On 22 Jun, 2013 -  0 comments

Editor’s Note: Min is CPYO Asian Tour 2013 coordinator extraordinaire!

Our day started very early with rush. Quick breakfast at super-convenient Incheon Airport Transit Hotel and running through the airport from one end to the other, checked in for the transit and on board 8:00am.

After having breakfast onboard on China Southern Air, we were welcomed by Mr. Sheldon Poon with China Tour Guides. It was raining lightly, and Beijing temperature was cool. Sheldon said it will be perfect weather with great air quality condition when the rain stops. Yes, the rain stopped in the afternoon when we began our tour for the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City after lunch (We are never stopping to eat for this trip!! 🙂

CPYO at the Tiananmen Square

It was a long hours walking and walking and walking… and we got all tired. Kids took lot of pictures. Good enough (or perhaps bit too much) exercise before having a dinner with the Peking Duck as the main dish. Members took pictures when the chef sliced the duck and gave applauses when he showed us how to eat it with a wrap. Kids were very well mannered, and show respect to everybody they met as well as the new culture they encountered.

Chinese red banner was welcoming us in Plaza Hotel. Still left energy for hanging around with friends… Then peace and quiet at last…

The 2nd day is gone, and we will leave 8:00am from Hotel tomorrow for the concert at the Great Wall!