CPYO Code of Conduct
CPYO offers a wonderful opportunity for young musicians to develop their skills and learn about being part of an orchestra. An orchestra is a team that needs every player to pull his/her weight. To accomplish this all musicians must be committed to the program and adhere to the following:

    • Appropriate behavior and discipline during rehearsals and performances.
    • Full attention to the conductors and respect towards conductors, coaches, staff, volunteers, private property and fellow musicians.
    • Arrive prepared for rehearsals: practice at home, work with private teachers as needed.
    • Arrange activities to avoid conflicts with rehearsal and concerts.
CPYO Attendance Policy
    • Students are expected to attend all rehearsals, arriving promptly and ready to play at the appointed time. Students are ill are expected to send an email to cpyo_associate@googlegroups.com (for associates) or cpyorchestra@googlegroups.com (for seniors) no later than the morning of their expected absence. All other rehearsal conflicts should be reported, in writing, to the Orchestra Manager at least two weeks prior to the conflict.
    • Students are expected to attend all concerts.
    • Members of CPYO and CPYO Associate are required to attend progress check.
    • Within a concert sequence, any musician who misses more than two rehearsals, or misses a dress rehearsal, progress check or concert, will be evaluated on an individual basis by the staff, and may be subject to the consequences listed in item 6 (below).
    • Students who are active in school bands and orchestra should submit their school concert schedule, in writing, to the Orchestra Manager by September 30. CPYO supports school programs, and will work with each student to support their commitment to school music programs.
    • Infraction of the above rules may result in demotion in section, dismissal from the concert, re-auditioning for the conductor, or dismissal from the orchestra. Students who miss concerts may be required to reimburse CPYO for a replacement musician.
CPYO Seating Policy

The conductor makes seating decision after audition and in consultation with coaches. Rotation within section will be used whenever possible, at the conductor’s discretion, in order to give qualified students an opportunity to play in a higher seat.

Any student wishing to have their seating audition reviewed during the season should submit a request, in writing, to the conductor and the CPYO office.

Excellent attendance and attentiveness during rehearsals will be considered when placing students of comparable ability. In addition, attitude and leadership skills will be a consideration for principal position.

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